About Us

PizzaRev empowers you to craft your own artisan pizza, using only the freshest ingredients and PizzaRev’s delicious homemade pizza dough.

Pizzas in fire oven

We place our expert pizza-crafters right on the front line, customizing your pizza with your choice of multiple sauces, cheeses, and toppings, all right before your eyes! There are literally millions of tasty combinations to choose from. Our revolutionary Fire-Deck oven heats to a perfectly even super-high temperature that cooks each pizza in under three minutes!

Fresh, artisanal-quality pizza has never been faster or more affordable.  For less than $8.00, enjoy unlimited toppings including all the traditional favorites plus many gourmet options including kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, capers, fennel, and many more. Savory sausage, carefully-cured pepperoni, crumbled meatball, ham, bacon, and garlic chicken highlight a menu that will evolve with the seasons to ensure that ingredients are always fresh and natural. At PizzaRev, you CRAFT YOUR OWN pizza!

Craft Your Own

Whatever your mood, PizzaRev has just the right combination of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings to keep your tastebuds happy. Gone are the days of compromising with your friends and family on your idea of good pizza. PizzaRev empowers you to Craft Your Own perfect idea of artisan pizza.

The Fire-Deck Oven

PizzaRev’s revolutionary Fire-Deck oven is the star of the show. Temperatures can exceed 900 degrees Fahrenheit at the top of the clay-dome. The extreme heat combines with our custom homemade dough to form a crisp, thin crust. In under three minutes, your pizza is baked-through and ready to enjoy.


Get Fresh

You are what you eat, and PizzaRev makes every effort to source fresh, natural, and local produce that meet our high standards for quality. Many of our toppings rotate in and out with the seasons for maximum freshness. We are also proud to offer vegan mozzarella cheese and gluten-free crust.

Millions Of Combinations – One Price

Whether you prefer one of the PizzaRev signature “Our Way” pizzas, or want to “Craft Your Own” custom pizza, the price stays the same no matter what you top your pizza with. Get creative, get weird, do whatever you want with your pizza and you’ll be presented with the same low price.